I am using Eclipse 3.3.2 with the Flex Builder Plugin (3.0.194161) and the Flex SDK 3.2. Recently the intellisense has started forgetting about everything in the flash.* package EXCEPT flash.errors.*

The code still compiles, but attempting to automatically resolve something (CTRL+SPACE) removes any of the flash.* import statements and thus causes a compile error. As it stands I have to either not use CTRL+SPACE, or re-add my flash.* before compiling.

I have tried recreating the workspace/project and have re-installed the Flex SDK, but I still get the same problem.

Any thoughts?


I was able to work around the problem by adding the following SWC to my library path: FLEX_SDK\libs\player\10\playerglobal.swc

It looks like the problem is caused by {targetPlayerMajorVersion} no longer resolving, though I have no idea how that happened.

Edit: Known bug, as described in FB-16703 and "Targeting Flash Player 10"


Upgrade to Flex Builder 3.0.2. I've noticed that older versions of Flex Builder don't like Flash Player 10's new playerglobal.swc.

  • I'm actually using Eclipse with the Flex Builder plugin, but I'll upgrade both and see how that goes. Dec 16 '08 at 21:13

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