Hello is there a way to profile a Process with an external profiler? I use the unity profiler but it dosent show me allocations in other threads then the main thread.


I'm pretty sure that use Unity Profiler is the best way to profile Unity authored apps/games. Unity Profiler shows allocations only on the main thread, because is there where your game code resides.

In some cases we can create our own threads to do some calculations, I imagine is this your case, so I recommend to you use ANTS Performance Profiler and ANTS Memory Profiler, I used both of them to profile ordinary .NET apps and they are really amazing profiles and, yes, they show allocations to all your app's threads.

  • It looks like ANTS does not work with Unity because it is not a .net app (at least the editor) – Forestrf Apr 2 '17 at 2:19

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