Using effort EF6 with code first does not populate computed values. I have a datetime field (FechaCreacion) that is computed. How can I emulate it in Effort, so It is populated with DateTime.Now after savingChanges() ?

This post Using Effort (EF Testing Tool) with Computed Column is DB First instead of Code First as my example, but seems unanswered too.

EffortConnection connection = (EffortConnection)DbConnectionFactory.CreateTransient();

using (var c = new ControlConfigContext(connection))


    string direccionMac = "FFFF";
    var repo = new CambioRepository(c);
    var primerConcesionarioTerminal = repo.GetPrimerConcesionarioTerminal(direccionMac);

    Assert.AreEqual("terminal1", primerConcesionarioTerminal.Terminal);

This value is computed in SQLServer as GetDate()

this.Property(t => t.FechaCreacion).HasColumnName("FechaCreacion").HasDatabaseGeneratedOption(DatabaseGeneratedOption.Computed);

In sql server works well, but when using Effort in unit testing, the field gets empty date value.

enter image description here

This would seem like an issue with Effort. I have opened an issue on their github site:

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