I have the map config file like this

<sqlMap ..............>

      <typeAlias ......../>

      <select cacheModel="cache-select-all">....</select>


    <cacheModel id="cache-select-all" type="LRU" readOnly="true" serialize="false">
      <flushInterval hours="24"/>
      <flushOnExecute statement="InsertIOs"/>
      <!--<property name="CacheSize" value="1000"/>-->


I am using ibatis (.net, if that matters) and i have one question: where to place the tags? is There a or because placing it like i did, in the statements seems not to work. What am i doing wrong?


You must reference the cacheModel you defined inside a statement tag as shown in the following link:



Before you use it in the select statement. Order does matter here. Otherwise sql map parser wouldn't be able to validate your sql map.

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