I would like to create a strongly type list and decide the type in runtime. This is my code.I thought it should work, but it doesn't :)

        Type elementType = Type.GetType(parts[0].Trim(),false,true);
        var elementsBeingSet = new List<elementType>();

would you have any ideat how to create a strongly typed list whose type I will decide in runtime ?

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Use Type.MakeGenericType(type[]):

Type elementType = GetElementType(); // get this type at runtime
Type listType = typeof(List<>);
Type combinedType = listType.MakeGenericType(elementType);
IList elements = (IList) Activator.CreateInstance(combinedType);

You have to use IList to keep the result - because you don't know the actual type that will be used at runtime.

For generic types with more than one type parameter you would use something like Dictionary<,>.

See also http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.type.makegenerictype.aspx

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