The kubernetes service is in the default namespace. I want to move it to kube-system namespace. So I did it as follow:

kubectl get svc kubernetes -o yaml > temp.yaml

This generates temp.yaml using current kubernetes service information. Then I changed the value of namespace to kube-system in temp.yaml. Lastly, I ran the following command:

kubectl replace -f temp.yaml

But I got the error:

Error from server: error when replacing "temp.yaml": service "kubernetes" not found

I think there is no service named kubernetes in the kube-system namespace.

Who can tell me how can to do this?


Name and namespace are immutable on objects. When you try to change the namespace, replace looks for the service in the new namespace in order to overwrite it. You should be able to do create -f ... to create the service in the new namespace

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    Also, the kubernetes service is special… you may not be able to relocate it – Jordan Liggitt Sep 17 '15 at 13:59
  • Thanks, I understand. But the kubernetes service is generated from the election in all nodes in my test environment. I think there is different from normal. – sope Sep 17 '15 at 16:05

The kubernetes service is special and exists in the default namespace. Too may things assume that to change it safely.

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