How can I copy files larger than 5GB between S3 buckets using PowerShell?

There are several examples of using PowerShell to copy files between AWS S3 buckets but they used the Copy-S3Object command which is limited to files less than 5GB.


You must first download and install the AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell.

This is based on the C# example on the AWS site.

$AWSCredentials = Get-AWSCredentials -ProfileName YourProfileName  # use Get-AWSCredentials -ListProfiles

$sourceBucket    = " "  #source Bucket 
$targetBucket    = " " #target Bucket 
$sourceObjectKey = " " #source filename
$targetObjectKey = " " #target filename
$region="USEast1"  #region
$copyResponses = @()

$s3Config = New-Object Amazon.S3.AmazonS3Config
$s3Config.RegionEndpoint = [Amazon.RegionEndpoint]::$region

$s3client = New-Object Amazon.S3.AmazonS3Client($AWSCredentials,$s3Config) 

$initiateRequest = New-Object Amazon.S3.Model.InitiateMultipartUploadRequest
$initiateRequest.BucketName = $targetBucket 
$initiateRequest.Key = $targetObjectKey

$initResponse = $s3client.InitiateMultipartUpload($initiateRequest)
$uploadId = $initResponse.UploadId

$metadataRequest = New-Object Amazon.S3.Model.GetObjectMetadataRequest
$metadataRequest.BucketName = $sourceBucket
$metadataRequest.Key = $sourceObjectKey

$metadataResponse = New-Object Amazon.S3.Model.GetObjectMetadataResponse
$metadataResponse = $s3client.GetObjectMetadata($metadataRequest)
$objectSize = $metadataResponse.ContentLength; # in bytes

$partSize = 1GB
$objectSize / $partSize

$bytePosition = 0
for ($i = 1; $bytePosition -lt $objectSize; $i++)
    $copyRequest = New-Object Amazon.S3.Model.CopyPartRequest  
    $copyRequest.DestinationBucket = $targetBucket
    $copyRequest.DestinationKey = $targetObjectKey
    $copyRequest.SourceBucket = $sourceBucket
    $copyRequest.SourceKey = $sourceObjectKey
    $copyRequest.UploadId = $uploadId
    $copyRequest.FirstByte = $bytePosition
    $copyRequest.LastByte = if ($bytePosition + $partSize - 1 -ge $objectSize) { $objectSize - 1} else {$bytePosition + $partSize - 1}
    $copyRequest.PartNumber = $i

    $copyResponses += $s3Client.CopyPart($copyRequest)
    $bytePosition += $partSize                     

$completeRequest  =  New-Object Amazon.S3.Model.CompleteMultipartUploadRequest
$completeRequest.BucketName = $targetBucket
$completeRequest.Key = $targetObjectKey
$completeRequest.UploadId = $uploadId

$completeUploadResponse =$s3Client.CompleteMultipartUpload($completeRequest)
  • That's awesome, thanks for translating this into PowerShell! As an aside, Write-S3Object has been implemented such that it handles S3 multipart upload transparently, hopefully Copy-S3Object will do the same someday. – Anthony Neace Sep 17 '15 at 20:00
  • If you don't want to pass in the credentials into the AmazonS3Client, you can make use of the ctor and pass in the region directly: New-Object Amazon.S3.AmazonS3Client($region). This was key when using this approach in eu-central-1. – boro2g Feb 9 '18 at 12:13

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