I'm attempting to get the license URLs for each package in a project programmatically using the techniques described here and here.

The output of Get-Package | Select-Object Id,LicenseUrl seems like it should work, but LicenseUrl is empty:

PM> Get-Package | Select-Object Id,LicenseUrl

Id                                                                                                  LicenseUrl                                                                                         
--                                                                                                  ----------                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Is there something I'm missing? Has the schema of these package objects changed?


The LicenseUrl is back in Visual Studio 2015 Update 2. enter image description here

If you use Visual Sutio 2015 Update 1 with Nuget Package Manager 3.3.0, the LicenseUrl property is unavailable, but there is still a way to get license URLs. This script works for me:

PM> Get-Package | % { $pkg = $_.Id ; Write-Host $_.ProjectName "-" $pkg;
        $url = Open-PackagePage $pkg -License -WhatIf -PassThru; 
        Write-Host "License URL: " $url }

Here's the reference for Open-PackagePage cmdlet parameters: https://docs.nuget.org/consume/package-manager-console-powershell-reference

    Indicates the cmdlet should open the LicenseUrl of the specified package. If neither LicenseUrl nor ReportAbuseUrl 
    is set, the cmdlet will open the Proje
    ctUrl by default.

    If specified, the cmdlet will return the value of the requested URL.

The help page warns that this command will be deprecated after NuGet 3.0 RTM. The script displays warning about deprecated command (highlighted below) but it still works.

enter image description here


Your PowerShell script works fine in Visual Studio 2013.

I am guessing you are using Visual Studio 2015.

In Visual Studio 2015 the package object returned is not the same as it is in NuGet v2 and various properties and methods are no longer available. If you run the following powershell command you can see the properties that are available in NuGet 3.

Get-Package | Get-Member

Just looking at the properties available in NuGet 3 we have:


So there is no LicenseUrl available in NuGet 3.

  • I am using Visual Studio 2015...is it really no longer accessible at all? It does look that way from Get-Member. – Brandon Linton Sep 19 '15 at 1:30
  • Yes, it is no longer accessible. NuGet 3 returns a different object back to represent the package. It is a PowerShellPackage class which has a limited set of properties. Might be worth opening an issue on the NuGet 3 GitHub repository to see if they plan to support other properties or if it is gone forever. – Matt Ward Sep 21 '15 at 11:25

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