Is there any code which can make my app smooth vibrate when i used to press the button. Currently i am using the following methods. Please have a look

-(IBAction)buttonClicked:(UIButton *)sender
  AudioServicesPlayAlertSound (1105);
  self.view.userInteractionEnabled = NO;

   [[HelperClass shared]playSound:@"single_click_12"];
[HelperClass showBounceAnimatedButton:sender completionBlock:^{
    self.view.userInteractionEnabled = YES;
    selectedIndex =(int) sender.tag;
    [self performSelector:@selector(pushTheViewToGame) withObject:nil afterDelay:0.6];

 // NSLog(@"Sender Tag :%li",(long)sender.tag);

The device will not vibrate even if it is enabled.

1) AudioServicesPlayAlertSound(kSystemSoundID_Vibrate); 2) AudioServicesPlaySystemSound(kSystemSoundID_Vibrate);

My method was called at a specific time in the measurement of the devices movements. I had to stop the recording and then restart it after the vibration had occurred.

It looked like this.

-(void)vibrate {
    [recorder stop];
    AudioServicesPlaySystemSound (kSystemSoundID_Vibrate);
    [recorder start];
    // recorder is an AVRecorder instance.


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