I'm trying to verify a method call on a Moq implementing the following interface(s), but it is failing to match the invocation.

My unit test (simplified):

public void ShouldDeleteComponent()
    var mockDao = new Mock<IComponentDataAccess>();

    Target.ComponentDao = mockDao.Object;

    mockDao.Verify(x => x.Delete(It.IsAny<Component>()), Times.Once);

My mocked object's interfaces:

public interface IComponentDataAccess : IDataAccess<Component>
    int Delete(Component entity);

public interface IDataAccess<T> where T : IEntity
    int Delete(T entity);

Finally, how the code is actually called in the System Under Test:

public override void Execute()
    DeleteItem(ComponentDao, existingComponent);

which calls:

protected virtual void DeleteItem<T>(IDataAccess<T> dataAccess, T item) where T : IEntity

As you can see, the DAO is passed in as its base interface. On verification, it finds the following invocation:

Performed invocations:


When the invocation it's trying to match is:


Is there a way to verify this method call with Moq?



mockDao.Verify(x => x.Delete(It.IsAny<Component>()), Times.Once);


       .Verify(x => x.Delete(It.IsAny<Component>()), Times.Once);

The As method is being in use for adding other types

  • That worked. Thanks! – ParaSwarm Sep 18 '15 at 14:58

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