I want to set cacheModel on an insert and i do it like this:

<select id="SelectAll_Cache" resultClass="SN" cacheModel="cache-select-all">
    <include refid="GetAll_SN"/>

<cacheModel id="cache-select-all" implementation="LRU" readOnly="false" serialize="true">
    <flushInterval hours="24"/>
    <property name="size" value="800"/>

If i execute the query i get the following exception:

  • The error occurred while Set CacheModel to statement.
  • statement : SelectAll_Cache
  • The error occurred in cacheModel : SN.cache-select-all.
  • Problem Solved : there must be a <cacheModels> tag and all <cacheModel> tags inside – ion Jul 16 '10 at 14:11
  • If you found the answer, then post it as an aswer and accept it. – leonbloy Jul 21 '10 at 16:12

Specify the cache model before you use it.

You should define cache model in your sql map before using it in the select statements;then only ibatis sql map parser should be able to find the cache model that you'r using in your statement.

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