I have a TDBImage control on my form.

Users can CTRL-V images in to it. They can also CTRL-X in the control to clear the image.

When I later try to take the contents of that TDBImage as save it to my database I get memory access violations, in particular when I generate the memory stream.

Naturally my first inclination is to see if the TDBImage is somehow empty before I do this (and clear the database field my self). But I can't seem to find a way to detect if the control has been CTRL-X'ed by the user.

Here's a very condensed version of what my existing code looks like if it helps.

  photo: TDBImage;
  photoValue: TPicture; 
  photoStream: TMemoryStream;
  updateQuery: TOraQuery;
  // ....
  // It gets through here without complaint
  photoValue := photo.Picture;

  // It fails on this line
  updateQuery.paramByName('picture').ParamType := ptInput;
  // ...

How can I detect an empty/CTRL-Xed TDBImage control?


You can check if the Graphic property is nil, like so

 if DBImage1.Picture.Graphic<>nil then 
   //do something
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    TGraphic also has an Empty property, if you want to skip images that are allocated and assigned but otherwise have no data: if (DBImage1.Picture.Graphic <> nil) and (not DBImage1.Picture.Graphic.Empty) then ... – Remy Lebeau Sep 18 '15 at 20:55

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