I want to add a temporary javascript code in our application in dev environment but when we are about to make a build for production, that code will be ignored and not included in the newly built code.

var userLoggedIn = isUserLogged();

/* ignore-for-dev-only-begin */
  userLoggedIn = true;
/* ignore-for-dev-only-end */

if (userLoggedIn) {
  // do whatever you need to do

If you see, I'll be able to login with any user account(even wrong passwords) and since I am in development env, it will always allow me to use the application. Once I make a new build for production, that code should be removed.

How is that done in Grunt?


There are packages such us grunt-devcode and grunt-strip-code

  • Awesome! I wasn't aware those exists! Thanks :) – devwannabe Sep 18 '15 at 18:17

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