My question, his question, but blogs as resources to be specific.

I find blogs great to keep up to date... refresh material...

So do you know any blogs who tackle math-related programming problems...

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Not exactly what you're asking for, but Project Euler freshens up my math skills.

  • +1 ... It also make my math skills seem inadequate a lot of times. – Anthony Oct 13 '10 at 22:13

Following MIT Open Courseware is another good computer-based way to learn and practice these skills.


Good Math, Bad Math is my favorite regular math blog.

Steve Yegge's post Math for Programmers gives a pretty decent rundown of what math is important for programmers to understand.

I also like to keep an eye on the math subreddit.


Better Explained has several good articles.


This blog has some interesting math-related things. Some of them are pretty high-level. You've been warned.


Not exactly a blog, but: Notices of the American Mathematical Society


I blog about programming and math, especially probability and statistics, at The Endeavour.


If you want highly lucid explanations and discussions of mathematics related to computer science, then this blog, Developing for Developers, is superb. [No posts for a while, but the previous posts are great.]


It sometimes goes off on tangents but this guy blogs about math software a lot



More along the lines of Project Euler than a blog, William Wu has quite a number of math and CS challenges.


MathPuzzle is one of my favorite sites on math. It may seem not directly related to problem-solving, but games are an excellent way of learning.


This Weeks Finds in mathematical physics is well worth a look, though whethers it's maths depends on where you draw the borderline.


good question, I'm surprised to see that nobody mentioned wikipedia so far.. However, many articles, especially about higher math are written by experts and are overloaded with details, which is not ideal if you just want to learn a bit. But still wikipedia is something that I use regularly to look up math questions.

When it comes to a specific math subject you may also want to read a book.. ;)

  • indeed, sometimes i cross Wikipedia for math-related topics... didn't think of it... – bob Dec 8 '08 at 16:25

Found this one with the help of stackoverflow... :)


not before you have your first coffee I think...

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