Ansible playbook with_subelements error with 3 levels.

My Config looks like

    - fl_number: fln1
      fl_data: fld1

      - sl_number: sln_f1_1
        sl_data: sld_f1_1
        - tl_number: tln_s1_f1_1
          tl_data: tld_s1_f1_1
        - tl_number: tln_s2_f1_2
          tl_data: tld_s2_f1_2

The Ansible playbook is

>cat test_threelevels.yml
 - hosts: localhost
   gather_facts: no
      - ../vars/testConfig-var.yml


    - name: DebugWorks
      debug: msg="{{ item.1.Thirdlevel }}"
      - Firstlevel
      - Secondlevel

    - name: DebugDoesNotWork
      debug: msg=" Sub element Thirdlevel test"
      - Firstlevel
      - Secondlevel
      - Thirdlevel

When it is executed with ansible-playbook -v test_threelevels.yml

the task "DebugWorks" works but the task "DebugDoesNotWork" dosent.

Output TASK: [DebugDoesNotWork] ****************************************************** fatal: [localhost] => subelements lookup expects a list of two items, first a dict or a list, and second a string

FATAL: all hosts have already failed -- aborting

PLAY RECAP ********************************************************************

Need help in understanding if this is the right way to do and why it does not work.

Open to any suggestions.



The error description at least vaguely says what's meant. :)

Refer to the code to see exactly the error means here. terms is the list you pass.

        if not isinstance(terms, list) or not 2 <= len(terms) <= 3:

In short: You can only go 2 levels, not 3.

The documentation does say clearly:

Optionally, you can add a third element to the subelements list, that holds a dictionary of flags.

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