I have 2 div containers that are side by side. The left div has an unordered list with 3 li elements. Each li has a unique ID. I'm trying to get an onmouseover event on the 1st li to load a PNG file into the right div.

Here's the html:

<div class="twoCol">
   <ul class="storeList">
   <li id="level_1">Richmond</li> <!-- mouseover loads png in 2nd div --> 
   <li id="level_2">Santa Maria</li>
   <li id="level_3`enter code here`">Venezula</li>

 <div class="twoCol" id="jsContent">

  <!-- load png into this div via mouseover on ID: level_1  -->


Here's my javaScript:

var storeHours = newObject();
storeHours.img = document.createElement("img");
storeHours.src = "store_hours.png";

var liElement1 = document.getElementById("level_1"); // ID for 1st li element

var addContent = document.getElementById("jsContent"); // ID for div to load png

liElement1.onmouseover = function() {
  • 1
    var storeHours = newObject(); typo? – Anchor Sep 20 '15 at 0:39
  • The better way to do object calling would be using literals. var storehours = {}. – Sachin Kanungo Sep 20 '15 at 1:39

First of all, you have a typo in your JavaScript: separate new and Object in var storeHours = newObject();.

Second, in appendChild() you must provide a node element, and what you are creating with storeHours.src = "store_hours.png"; is actually a string.

You have two options:

  1. Use the traditional setAttribute() method:
var storeHours = new Object();
storeHours.img = document.createElement("img");
//storeHours.src = "store_hours.png";
storeHours.img.setAttribute('src', 'store_hours.png');
  1. If you want to follow the object approximation, use the setAttributeNode() method:
var storeHours = new Object();
storeHours.img = document.createElement("img");
//storeHours.src = "store_hours.png";
storeHours.src = document.createAttribute('src');
storeHours.src.value = 'store_hours.png';

src is an attribute of img element but not a child. Try

storeHours.img.src = storeHours.src;

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