i want ask you for some question what can be incorrect,

i write a program in C and translate it in

gcc -Wall -pedantic

and run

valgrind --simulate-cache=yes --tool=callgrind ./a.out

that create callgrind.out.[pid-number] and if i run

callgrind_annotate callgrind.out.[pid] main.c

out will be

-- User-annotated source: main.c

No information has been collected for main.c

is it any way how to annotate code and calls of function for program optimalize tools ?


gcc -g - pg progrma.c

not working because Apple unsuported debug option on gcc and gprof is unsupported too. And KDE program don`t want run on Mac ... Thanks everyone to helpful information how to solve it


You're compiling with gprof profiling information when you compile with -pg. valgrind doesn't actually need that data to do it's profiling, what it does need is the debug information.

Using valgrind-HEAD, I took a simple piece of code and compiled it without -g and got the same result as you - i.e. No information has been collected for main.c.

When I compiled with -g, I got useful information about main.c, even when I compiled with optimization I got useful information.

Long and short of it is that you need to compile with -g, not with -pg to get it to work with callgrind.

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