Below is the code example. This is for addon panel.

The router promise does not get resolved from inside global listner, though it works with normal ajax requests.

import Ember from 'ember';

export default Ember.Route.extend({

  model: function() {
  return new Ember.RSVP.Promise(function(resolve, reject) {

// This works 
    url : ""
    type: "POST"

// This doesn't work
addon.port.on(url, function(status, response) {


I read somewhere this can be handled with but couldn't get it to work.

Does it work if you, resolve, response) ?

addon.port.on(url, function(status, response) {
    // just in case it doesn't work, add a log here to make sure your callback
    // is actually being called.
    console.log('got response');, resolve, response); 
}); will join an existing run loop or create a new one.

  • It give me this error Message: TypeError: this.get(...).toArray is not a function. "response" is an array [] in callback. – Ritvick Sep 20 '15 at 16:47
  • It looks like the promise is not waiting for getting fulfilled, and thus the model is not properly formed. Is there a way we can tell ember to wait for message on addon.port.on() ? – Ritvick Sep 21 '15 at 3:26

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