I am using the Reactive UI events expansion to Reactive UI.

Just playing around getting events to connect to the ViewModel.

Originally I had in my constructor of my View

        this.Events().KeyDown.Select(x => x.Key).InvokeCommand(ViewModel.NewTextCommand);

However, this has the issue in the constructor the view model does not exist yet. I considered adding a WhenAnyValue and setting up the Invoke but not sure if this could lead to memory leaks.

At the moment I have

        this.Events().KeyDown.Select(x => x.Key).Subscribe(
            x =>
                if (ViewModel != null)
                    if (ViewModel.NewTextCommand.CanExecute(x))

This seems a bit clumsy though.


You can definitely use WhenAnyValue, but there's also a built-in InvokeCommand overload in ReactiveUI to do this:

this.Events().KeyDown.Select(x => x.Key).InvokeCommand(this, v => v.ViewModel.NewTextCommand);

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