I am trying to create two methods with the following arguments but the compiler is complaining that they are ambiguous. I am following a youtube series to learn Swift and it seems to be fine in the video there. What am I missing?

func performOperation(operation: Double -> Double){

func performOperation(operation:(Double, Double)->Double){

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It seems you may be running into the same problem mentioned in this reddit thread. It looks like the solution may just be to rename your functions, due to a clash with inherited with Objective C methods.


func myPerformOperation(operation: Double -> Double){

func myPerformOperation(operation:(Double, Double)->Double){

(These aren't ideal names—they should be more descriptive—but you get the idea.)

  • Thanks for the link, renaming didn't work, but making them private did – AD.Net Sep 21 '15 at 5:05

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