I am getting the following error when I leave my web inactive for a while

"Response.Redirect.cannot be called in a Page callback."

I'm storing the user ids in session and during page load I check to see if the user id exists if not then I redirect them to the login page.

I am using devexpress controls, How can I get the redirect to work?

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    possible duplicate stackoverflow.com/questions/1538749/… – µBio Jul 16 '10 at 23:52
  • @Lucas - I don't think so. That questioner just wanted to stop the error and was happy with using if (!Page.IsCallback) I think @Kyle wants some way to redirect the user to the login page if their session has expired. – Martin Smith Jul 17 '10 at 0:09

if (Page.IsCallback) ASPxWebControl.RedirectOnCallback("~/Login.aspx");


Try using the Response.RedirectLocation property instead which works during callback.

HttpResponse.RedirectLocation Property on MSDN

You can usually turn callbacks off for devexpress controls like the ASPxGridView using the "EnableCallbacks" property. This will obviously cause the controls to use postbacks, but it will also allow Response.Redirect to do its job.

HttpResponse.RedirectLocation Property on MSDN works for me in same problem

You can't get the redirect to work in a callback. Perhaps instead of doing Response.Redirect on the server you could write some value in a <script type="text/javascript"/> block and set the window.location.href (redirect) on the client side?

You can use:

string TARGET_URL = ...;

Refer at KA18851 in Devexpress

Indeed, it is impossible to use the Response.Redirect during a callback. Please refer to the following blog post in this regard.


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