I have an RTMP stream that I need to take a screenshot of. I got a security error using bitmapData.draw() since it was coming from AWS S3 so I found a workaround that allows me to take a screenshot of the video:

var bitmap = new Bitmap();              
var graphicsData : Vector.<IGraphicsData>;
graphicsData = container.graphics.readGraphicsData(); //-- container is a sprite that holds my video element                
bitmap.bitmapData = GraphicsBitmapFill(graphicsData[0]).bitmapData;
var image:ByteArray = new JPGEncoder(85).encode(bitmap.bitmapData);

At this point, I send the ByteArray to PHP, create a JPG out of the ByteArray and save it to the server. That all works great.

The issue is I apply filters realtime to the container sprite which alters the look of the video like brightness, contrast, saturation etc, but when saving to the server, the saved image doesn't contain the filters I had applied.

I tried reapplying the filters to bitmap, graphicsData and bitmap.bitmapData, but nothing worked.

How can I either retain the filters applied or reapply the filters to the above code?


Here is how I initially apply the filters:

private function applyEffects(effects:Array):void
    currentEffects = effects;
    var props:Object = {};
    for (var i:String in effects)
        props[effects[i].effect] = effects[i].amount;

props object could look something like: {contrast:0.5,saturation:1}

  • @null ah, duh I should've posted that. Added that to the question
    – Ronnie
    Sep 21, 2015 at 23:28
  • Ok so you apply some tweened filter to the container. How did your attempt of applying the filter to the bitmapData look like?
    – null
    Sep 21, 2015 at 23:32
  • @null, same forloop and tweenlite call, but instead of container I tried bitmap, graphicsData, graphicsData[0] and bitmap.bitmapData.
    – Ronnie
    Sep 21, 2015 at 23:34

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Ok, I have solved this on my own with a little suggestion Jack Doyle (GSAP Author) gave me. I have described what I did differently in the comments of my code:

var graphicsData:Vector.<IGraphicsData>;
graphicsData          = container.graphics.readGraphicsData();              
var origBitmap:Bitmap = new Bitmap();   
origBitmap.bitmapData = GraphicsBitmapFill(graphicsData[0]).bitmapData;

//-- at this point I have a screenshot of the video

var props:Object = {};
for (var i:String in currentEffects)
  props[currentEffects[i].effect] = currentEffects[i].amount;

//-- at this point I've reapplied the effects.
//-- originally, sending bitmap.bitmapData to the encoder didn't retain the filters so I went 1 step further

//-- create a new bitmapData and draw the reapplied filter'd bitmap
var filteredBitmapData:BitmapData = new BitmapData(640,360);
var filteredBitmap:Bitmap = new Bitmap(filteredBitmapData);

//-- encode the new bitmap data
var image:ByteArray = new JPGEncoder(85).encode(filteredBitmapData); //-- filteredBitmapData is now filtered and I can send this to the server

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