By using the following commands, three lines can be shown in one figure. (A, B, C are three functions.)

hold on;  
hold on;  
hold off;

I wonder if this can be replaced by one command line.

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    This would belong on Code Review. – Evan Carslake Sep 22 '15 at 2:11
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    @EvanCarslake not quite. It's a pretty specific coding issue, and a clear question. Not a code review request. – Mathieu Guindon Sep 22 '15 at 2:13

MATLAB's plot function already allows you to do that in 2 different ways:

1) plot(X1,Y1,...,Xn,Yn) where Xi, Yi are vectors containing the corresponding x and y values. You can also add a LineSpec for each line: plot(X1,Y1,LineSpec1,...,Xn,Yn,LineSpecn). In your case that would be:


2) plot(Y) where Y is a matrix containing all y values. This plots the columns vs. their row index. In your case:

plot([ A , B , C ])

or if your vectors A, B, C are row vectors:

plot([ A.' , B.' , C.' ])
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