Looking to the documentation and template examples of TVOS for the new Apple TV, I have seen there are badges where you can use a resource. Example:

<badge src="resource://mpaa-pg" class="badge" />
<badge src="resource://button-play" />
<badge src="resource://cc" class="badge" />

Does someone know where can I find a list of all the available resources? I can´t find it in the documentation. Thanks.


I found a list of some buttons but also badges : closed captions, common sense's labels, pg ratings... here: https://forums.developer.apple.com/message/57807#57807

also, (taken from part of the thread)

As a work-around before having some documentation you can find ressources (.png files) at this location :

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  • Thank you very much Shirley! – PabloM Oct 1 '15 at 8:10

Available list of resources value can be found by below link..


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Unfortunately there is still no documentation about the resources. What I was able to find out is that you can reference files form your Assets.xcassets file:

<img src="resource://LaunchImage"/>

you can as well reference images from Assets.car files form the


Using this cartool I was able to list the contents of TVMLKit.framework\Assets.car and they are all usable like this:

<img src="resource://popover-chevron-up"/>
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