my jhipster application does not work when I deploy my war file in a standard tomcat 8. It seems that some URL, especially for the REST services are absolute without the context of the application.For example my application has the base URL localhost:8080/myapp, I am able to login, but eg. the API administration menu does not work, because swagger wants to use the URL localhost:8080/#/docs and not localhost:8080/myapp/#/docs. When I rename myapp.war to ROOT.war everything is working fine. What is going wrong here ?

BTW. I am using JHipster 2.20

  • Same Issue. Using the same workaround of renaming the war to ROOT.war :)
    – Narendra N
    Jun 15 '16 at 6:24

Did you edit your URLs?

I am using tomcat 8 as well with x.x.x.x:8200/myapp/ naming as well, and the whole app is working fine, including swagger.

Your problem sounds more like an angular-ui-router problem.

Did you change anything in the main js file or in the navbar.html file?

It's important to keep the <a ui-sref="docs"> link style. You can also try to create a new base app in jhipster and deploy that to your tomcat server, see if the problem still happens.


This issue is due to context path change. You have changed your context path to myapp while swagger is still looking for root path /.

You need to update your swagger index.html with new url

var url = "/myapp/v2/api-docs";

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