Hello i have the following problem:

i want to import 3D models from a game and render them in 2D so they can be used in other games. (before someone is claiming it's illegal, thats wrong.)

for rendering the image i am using the open Gl rendering. the problem i have is that i cant get the right scale to render the image. the only way to zoom in or out is using the mouse wheel. the problem is that i want to same scale for every model. when i import a small rubbish bin for example it's big as hell but when i import a whole map its way smaller which means i need to use the mouse wheel to get the right zoom. but there are no values which are showing the zoom scale. ( i am using openGL rendering)

how can i get the same zoom for every tile? is there a way to get the zoom of 1 pixel of the texture= one pixel on the monitor?

hope someone can help :)


3D models are not sized in pixels. Note that in Blender you can simply type S0.5 or S0.1 (. or , ) depending on language settings S stands for scaling after it press enter.

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