Hi I want to edit the config.vm.boot_timeout in vagrant because I am having problem in booting up the vagrant. where i can find the config.vm.boot_timeout ?and what value should i put ? I am in windows8.1 x86

enter image description here Thank you in advance.


You need to run vagrant command to get the location of the vagrant file. And then make changes to the variable config.vm.boot_timeout (Reference)

  1. The default value of the variable is 300. You can try changing the default values.
  2. Check if you have the latest version and it is compatible with your OS.

Follow the steps given here

Also, a whole bunch of solution's are provided here

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If it's windows 10 OS, then by default virtualization is disabled in BIOS level. If we make the value as enabled and restart the system and run vagrant up. Then it will works fine.

Steps to Do:

1) Restart the system and press F1.

2) Goto BIOS settings and enable Virtualization

3) Press F10 (Save and exit)

4) run vagrant up

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This works for me:

  1. login with :gui by login/pass: vagrant/vagrant
  2. modify the /etc/rc.local file to include the line sh /etc/init.d/networking restart just before exit 0
  3. disable :gui
  4. vagrant up or vagrant reload


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