I am using openpyxl to read excel file. I want to get cell color from "xlsx" file. I tried to get color so:

wb = load_workbook('Test.xlsx', data_only=True)
sh = wb[Sheet1]
sh['A1'].fill.start_color.index #Green Color

I get "11L", but i need to get rgb color, how i can do it?

  • Please look at my solution below. It works for XLSX file. It gives the color code, both in Hex and RGB tuple. – Sumit Pokhrel May 14 '20 at 13:20
  • In cell.fill.start_color there may be multiple ways of color representation. More here: Colors To get the required RGB values, I recommend: Relevant Stack Overflow question – Patrik Staron Dec 24 '20 at 23:42

Looks like the sheet is using the built-on colour index. The mapping for these is in the source of openpyxl.styles.color

    '00000000', '00FFFFFF', '00FF0000', '0000FF00', '000000FF', #0-4
    '00FFFF00', '00FF00FF', '0000FFFF', '00000000', '00FFFFFF', #5-9
    '00FF0000', '0000FF00', '000000FF', '00FFFF00', '00FF00FF', #10-14
    '0000FFFF', '00800000', '00008000', '00000080', '00808000', #15-19
    '00800080', '00008080', '00C0C0C0', '00808080', '009999FF', #20-24
    '00993366', '00FFFFCC', '00CCFFFF', '00660066', '00FF8080', #25-29
    '000066CC', '00CCCCFF', '00000080', '00FF00FF', '00FFFF00', #30-34
    '0000FFFF', '00800080', '00800000', '00008080', '000000FF', #35-39
    '0000CCFF', '00CCFFFF', '00CCFFCC', '00FFFF99', '0099CCFF', #40-44
    '00FF99CC', '00CC99FF', '00FFCC99', '003366FF', '0033CCCC', #45-49
    '0099CC00', '00FFCC00', '00FF9900', '00FF6600', '00666699', #50-54
    '00969696', '00003366', '00339966', '00003300', '00333300', #55-59
    '00993300', '00993366', '00333399', '00333333', 'System Foreground', 'System Background' #60-64

11L corresponds to 0000FF00 (hexadecimal) for which the rgb tuple would be green (0,255,0).

  • It's worth noting that this index can be extended or indeed overwritten. – Charlie Clark Sep 23 '15 at 15:24
  • If '11L' is converted in hexadecimal i get '31314c'. Maybe you are using other method. I don't understand how are you geting "0000FF00" – Ivan_47 Sep 24 '15 at 6:41
  • Sorry i understood how to get color from cell – Ivan_47 Sep 24 '15 at 8:04

I got color from cell so:

wb = load_workbook('Test.xlsx', data_only=True)
sh = wb[Sheet1]
i=sh['A1'].fill.start_color.index #Green Color
result = str(Coloros[i])
result= "#"+result[2:]
  • 1
    This has typing errors. There is no need to convert to a string (it is already) and the full value is actually aRGB with the a standing for the alpha value of the colour. – Charlie Clark Sep 24 '15 at 10:21
  • Not only it has spelling mistakes, it also gives TypeError: tuple indices must be integers or slices, not str when you are trying to do str(Coloros[i]). Since str(Coloros[i]) gives a tuple with 66 members.Please look at my solution. – Sumit Pokhrel Apr 8 '20 at 18:44

Here is a solution for xlsx files using openpyxl library. A2 is the cell whose color code we need to find out.

import openpyxl
from openpyxl import load_workbook
excel_file = 'color_codes.xlsx' 
wb = load_workbook(excel_file, data_only = True)
sh = wb['Sheet1']
color_in_hex = sh['A2'].fill.start_color.index # this gives you Hexadecimal value of the color
print ('HEX =',color_in_hex) 
print('RGB =', tuple(int(color_in_hex[i:i+2], 16) for i in (0, 2, 4))) # Color in RGB

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