In the following code, I would like to run TestMethod1 with the parameters marked with @Parameters

public class Foo{

private boolean input;
private boolean expected;

public Foo(boolean input, boolean expected{

public static List<Object[]> data() {
        return Arrays.asList(new Object[][]{{false, false}, {false, false}});

public void TestMethod1(){
assertEquals(expected, Baar.StaticMethod(input);

public void TestMethod2(){
assertEquals(expected, Baar.StaticMethod2(false);

The Problem is when I run junittes, both methods TestMethod1 and TestMethod2 are run with these parameters. How to tell the testrunner to run only TestMethod1 with the parameters marked with @Parameters?


not sure if pure junit allows it but there is plenty of plugins. in your case (all parameters known up-front) the simplest way would be to do parametrized testing with zohhak:

public class TestMyClass {      

        "true, false".
        "false, true"
    public void test1(int actual, int expected) { //test }

        "false, false".
        "true, true"
    public void test2(int actual, int expected) { //test }

    public void test3() { //test }

if you need to build parameters in run-time (generating, reading from file etc.) then you can check things like junit-dataprovider or junit-params

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