I am using JPA and hibernate as a JPA provider to connect to my Database. I have got a table in the database with name Candidates and here is my JPA Entity.

 public class Candidate {

    public long cid;

    public String name;

    public UserCharacter userCharacter;

Here is one of the random JPA query from my code.

String queryStr = "SELECT new models.CandidateReport(c.cid, c.name, uc.rating) "
                + "FROM Candidate c JOIN c.userCharacter uc";

Then hibernate has generated sql as

select candidate0_.cid as col_0_0_, candidate0_.name as col_1_0_, usercharac1_.rating as col_2_0_ 
from Candidate candidate0_ 
join UserCharacter usercharac1_
on candidate0_.userCharacter=usercharac1_.uid

Meaning the Entity Candidate is not queried as Candidates(Plural). After explicitly specifying the @Table(name="Candidates") the problem is resolved. Doesn't JPA or Hibernate automatically query for plural names, example if Entity name is User, doesn't it look for users table in the database, I guess it will and I am missing some configuration.


Since the default table name in JPA for a class is the same as the class name (Candidate) then you MUST put @Table if you want to map it to a different table name. As per all JPA tutorials would say

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