I have the following php code embedded in a form (the purpose is basically to show and post something like this "city (country)" ):

 <select name="city">
        <option selected value=""></option>
        foreach ($result_array as $rowarray){

            echo '<option value='.$rowarray[1].' ('.$rowarray[0].'>'.$rowarray[1].' ('.$rowarray[0].')</option>';

The funny thing is, when I post this form, this is what is sent to the $_POST variable:

array (size=7)
'city' => string 'Abu' (length=3)

For some reason, everything after the blank space in the city name does not get concatenated. Now here's the thing, when I code it like this:

 echo '<option>'.$rowarray[1].' ('.$rowarray[0].')</option>';

Then this is what end up in the $_POST:

array (size=7)
'city' => string 'Abu Simbel (Egypt)' (length=18)

So bascially the exact same code for concatenating does not work when I put it in the "value" attribute of the option element. What am I missing here?

Addition: The same thing happens when I concatenate like this:

'<option value='.$rowarray[1].'!'.$rowarray[0].'>'

so it is not due to the space in front of the brackets.

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    If your value contains spaces, then you need to quote it, strictly speaking, HTML element attributes should always be quoted anyway.... HTML 101
    – Mark Baker
    Commented Sep 23, 2015 at 18:53
  • And why do you have brackets inside tag?
    – u_mulder
    Commented Sep 23, 2015 at 18:54

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What you need to do is to enclose your values in a " (and close a bracket):

echo '<option value="'.$rowarray[1].' ('.$rowarray[0].')">'.$rowarray[1].' ('.$rowarray[0].')</option>';
                    ^right here                        ^ and here

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