Trying to clean up some xml text that looks like

Forest & Paper Products Manufacturing

with a sed command like

 sed "s/ \& / & /"

but once sed gets done with the file, my output looks like

Forest & amp; Paper Products Manufacturing

Can't figure out why sed is putting a space after the &

I can solve this with:

sed "s/ \& / \& /"

But why do I need to quote the & with a \ prefix


in the replacement part, & indicates the matched string \0. So if you want to have literal & in replacement part, you have to escape it.


kent$ (master|✔) echo "foo"|sed 's/.*/&_bar/'   

kent$ (master|✔) echo "foo"|sed 's/.*/\&_bar/' 

related info taken from sed's INFO page:

   The REPLACEMENT can contain `\N' (N being a number from 1 to 9,
 inclusive) references, which refer to the portion of the match which
 is contained between the Nth `\(' and its matching `\)'.  Also, the
 REPLACEMENT can contain unescaped `&' characters which reference the
 whole matched portion of the pattern space


To include a literal `\', `&', or newline in the final replacement, be   
 sure to precede the desired `\', `&', or newline in the REPLACEMENT with 
 a `\'.
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    But how to replace & with \& if you don't know the replacement text in advance? I need to replace the replacement text before I want to replace it with sed? :D – Tim Schwalbe Jun 8 '20 at 8:03

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