I am trying to submit an App that only supports arm64, which was developed in Xcode 7. However, having uploaded the binary to iTunes Connect, it shows the following error message when I try to Submit:

You must upload screenshots for 3.5-inch and 4-inch Retina displays., Your binary indicates support for iPhone/iPod touch. You must provide an iPhone/iPod touch screenshot.

I changed the Requirements in the Info.plist files, as well as the Architectures and Valid Architectures. Is there something I am missing? I only want to support 4+ inch displays and I believe you cannot have armv7s without armv7, so I only stipulated arm64.

Update: In the end I just created separate Storyboard for the iPhone 4s and selected it in the View Controller programmatically.


If you support iPhone you are going to have to support the 4 inch retina display. Since iOS 9 is available for the iPhone 4s you need to support it. I had the same problem: Is there a way to limit iPhone App to only certain models?

  • Thanks for the clarification, I was under the illusion iOS 9 allowed arm64 only. I suppose I'll have to create a layout for the 4s somehow. – Razattax Sep 24 '15 at 8:47
  • You can still set your app to require only 64 bit if you use UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities. Not sure if Apple allows a blank screenshot or not though. – SomeGuy Sep 28 '15 at 11:21

Without knowing more about your application, There's a number of reasons you might be recieiving that message.

  1. Your app shows that it's supporting iPhone/iPod touch somewhere (plist, target build, etc.)
  2. You have restricted the device requirements:

Important: All device requirement changes must be made when you submit an update to your binary. You are permitted only to expand your device requirements. Submitting an update to your binary to restrict your device requirements is not permitted. You are unable to restrict device requirements because this action will keep customers who have previously downloaded your app from running new updates.



An additional reason this might be required, as I just discovered: When viewing an app on the App Store on a 4-inch device, it actually uses the 3.5-inch screenshots in the listing. Even when I called Apple's developer support, they didn't seem to understand this, then were surprised when they discovered it was true.

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