How can I debug rspec specs with an IDE? specifically I'm using the following: * Ubuntu 10.04 * ruby 1.9.2-dev built with rvm * rails3-beta4 * NetBeans 6.9

I have installed the ruby-debug19 and the ruby-debug-ide91 gems, but NetBeans doesn't recognize my fast-debugger. Besides trying to debug a spec in NetBeans gives the following error:

ruby 1.9.2 debugger listens on port 35461
--- !ruby/exception:NoMethodError 
message: undefined method `critical=' for Thread:Class
- /home/mping/devel/netbeans-6.9/ruby/ruby/debug-commons-0.9.5/classic-debug.rb:269:in `trace_off'
- /home/mping/devel/netbeans-6.9/ruby/ruby/debug-commons-0.9.5/classic-debug.rb:279:in `block in read_command_loop'
- /home/mping/devel/netbeans-6.9/ruby/ruby/debug-commons-0.9.5/classic-debug.rb:275:in `loop'
- /home/mping/devel/netbeans-6.9/ruby/ruby/debug-commons-0.9.5/classic-debug.rb:275:in `read_command_loop'
- /home/mping/devel/netbeans-6.9/ruby/ruby/debug-commons-0.9.5/classic-debug.rb:330:in `block in <class:DC_DEBUGGER__>'



Exactly the same error here, but for debugging wirh

  • Ubuntu 10.10 32Bit
  • Aptana Studio 2
  • Ruby 1.9.2p0 via rvm 1.0.14
  • Rails 3.0.0
  • ruby-debug-base19 0.11.24
  • ruby-debug-ide19 0.4.12

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