I modified the file conf/server.xml like this below

  <Context path="AA" docBase="BB" reloadable="true" />

when I start tomcat from a shell file publish.sh:


#start tomcat
cd "$TOMCAT_HOME"/bin
sh startup.sh
echo "tomcat is starting,please try to access $PROJECT console url"

tomcat publish two projects under path "webapps/",AA and BB。And I tracked that BB was published after AA.

If you logged on the terminal , and start tomcat directly in the directory "$TOMCAT_HOME"/bin with command:


Only one project "BB" under path "webapps/"。

Who can tell me Why? Thanks!


You have double-deployed your web application.

How? Well, you put BB.war into webapps/ (which will be auto-deployed to /BB) and then you put <Context path="AA" docbase="BB"> into server.xml which deployed BB.war to /AA. What did you expect?

If you just want your application to be deployed to /AA, then just re-name the WAR file to AA.war and be done with it: take-out the <Context> in server.xml because it's just making your job harder. This is why it's explicitly recommended not to do that.

  • Thanks for your suggestion, and I think I have to follow that way finally. But I just want to know the answer that why started the server the same ways produced different results. – leo173 Sep 25 '15 at 0:50

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