I have a Python program using COM objects that I'd like to run remotely. That program runs well on the local machine, but when I run the program on a remote machine and try to use DCOM objects to remotely connect to the COM object on the remote machine, NTLM authentication fails (seen in a Wireshark capture).

The machine is on a Windows domain, but I can create as many local user on both machine as I like. I've tried creating the same local user on both machine, but the DCOM object is passing the machine as the domain (i.e trying to authenticate to Machine2 with Machine1\user).

Any advice?

Is there a way with pythoncom or win32com to specify a different user and password to use for NTLM authentication?

I'm more than willing to answer any questions and add as many details as I possibly can.


print "\nConnecting to '%s'" % LAHostNameOrIP ;
    LAConnect = win32com.client.Dispatch("AgtLA.Connect")
    # Fails on the LAConnect.GetInstrument call
    LAInst = LAConnect.GetInstrument(LAHostNameOrIP)
except pythoncom.com_error, (hr, msg, exc, arg):
    print "The AgtLA call failed with code: %d: %s" % (hr, msg)
    if exc is None:
        print "There is no extended error information"
        wcode, source, text, helpFile, helpId, scode = exc
        print "The source of the error is", source
        print "The error message is", text
        print "More info can be found in %s (id=%d)" % (helpFile, helpId)

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