For example:

var myObj = {
    yes: undefined

console.log(typeof myObj.yes === 'undefined') //--> true
console.log(typeof myObj.nop === 'undefined') //--> true too

Is there a way to detect if myObj.nop is not defined as undefined ?

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    Because type of undefined is undefined. Use hasOwnProperty instead. – Andrey Popov Sep 24 '15 at 16:45
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You would use in:

if('yes' in myObj) {
  // then we know the key exists, even if its value is undefined

Keep in mind, this also checks for properties in the object's prototype, which is probably fine in your case, but in case you only want to check properties that are directly set on that specific object, you can use Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty:

if(myObj.hasOwnProperty('yes')) {
  // then it exists on that object

Here's a good article on the difference between the two.

Use hasOwnProperty.

myObj.hasOwnProperty('yes');             // returns true
myObj.hasOwnProperty('nop');         // returns false
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var myObj = {
    yes: undefined

console.log( myObj.yes === undefined); // gives true


var myObj = {
        yes: 'any value here'

    console.log( myObj.yes === undefined); // gives false

One thing to note here is that the undefined is not in single quotes. May be this gives you right direction.

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