Homework assignment 1. Give an example of the shortest record type in Modula-2. (“Shortest” means fewest number of lexemes.)

EBNF definition of RECORD

RecordType = RECORD FieldListSequence END.

FieldListSequence = FieldList {“;” FieldList}.

FieldList = [IdentList ";" Type | CASE [Ident] ";" 
Qualident OF Variant  {"|" Variant} ELSE FieldListSequence]END].

WHat i came up with is ...am i close

RecordType = RECORD, FieldList, END.

That is not legal M2 syntax for any M2 dialect.

The shortest field list is a single field declaration:

field : SomeType

Thus, the shortest record type definition is:

  bar : Baz

This is valid for all dialects.


As mentioned in my comment to learn EBNF, I recommend to study railroad diagrams and compare them to the EBNF. Here is a link to the syntax diagrams of Modula-2 specifically for the 4th edition of Wirth's book "Programming in Modula-2", aka PIM4.


The diagram for record types is at:


  • However, you should really do your homework on your own ;-) A hint perhaps, if you have difficulties with the EBNF, draw some railroad diagrams to visualise the syntax. You can find a script for drawing M2 syntax diagrams on my bitbucket repo (search on nickname). – trijezdci Sep 29 '15 at 14:04
  • thank you very much i will take your advice – john r Sep 29 '15 at 22:24

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