I have just added a new image (.png) into my drawable folder for an app I'm working on, and the name of the image appears as red. In previous apps I've made the name appears the same color as the rest of the files/folders. The app recognizes the image fine and I use it as an launch icon, which also works fine. I'm just curious as to why it is red, and how I could go about making it a normal color.

Unfortunately I do not have enough reputation to post an image of what I'm talking about, so if I was unclear on anything I'm happy to clarify!

EDIT: Here is a photo:

enter image description here

  • Please post a LINK to your image – Phantômaxx Sep 27 '15 at 0:25

Are you using a version control system? On my Android Studio setup, red files are files that have not yet been added to git.

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  • Ahh yes that seems to have been it!! Thank you very much! I'm using Git. I shall mark this as the answer in 9 minutes when it lets me =) – Kyle Avalani Sep 27 '15 at 0:29
  • No problem. It took me awhile to figure out what the colors mean too. Green means added but not yet committed. Blue means changed since last commit. – TBridges42 Sep 27 '15 at 0:30

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