I am doing some tests moving from the function split to preg_split in this line of code

list($tag) = preg_split('/[ >]/', substr($chunk, 2 - $open), 2);

What exactly do the [] do? Can they be omitted?


It allows any character in the set. That is the use of [] in RegEx (Regular Expressions).

Eg: /[ABC]/ will match any capital letter of "A", "B" or "C".

Take a look at some information at http://www.regexr.com/. That should help a lot. It also allows you to see what will be picked up by testing your own search text with expressions.

  • \s is any whitespace character, not necessarily a space because newlines are included with that. – chris85 Sep 27 '15 at 19:02
  • Edited, good catch. Thanks..! – Brandon White Sep 27 '15 at 19:03

The [] chars define an char group. Any character in this group would be allowed.

So your code /[ >]/ allow a space or the > char. The / chars surround the regex expression.

=> Your regex split the input on every or >

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