I have a grouped_select in Rails using 2 models. The models themselves have names Foo::Bar and Foo::Baz. How do I get the optgroup labels to be Bar and Baz instead of Foo::Bar and Foo::Baz?

 <%= f.input :global_superzone,  collection: [Foo::Bar, Foo::Baz], as: :grouped_select,
 group_method: :all, group_label_method: :model_name,
 label_method: :name, value_method: :to_global_id , :include_blank => false %>

It's the group_label_method: :model_name that I need to alter but if I put anything else in there it throws an error e.g. :model_name.human. I also tried to add a method to the models but that failed too.


One way to do this is to create a module:

module HumanName
  extend ActiveSupport::Concern

  class_methods do
    def human_name

and include it into every model we are interested in:

class Foo::Bar
  include HumanName

# etc.

And lastly update group_label_method option:

group_label_method: :human_name

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