How do I specify in EF7 that I wish to explicitly load the reference property Subject of my ApplicationUser entity? In EF6 the following is defined in the namespace System.Data.EntityFramework.Infrastructure:

public DbReferenceEntry<TEntity, TProperty> Reference<TProperty>(Expression<Func<TEntity, TProperty>> navigationProperty) where TProperty : class;

So this code:

public async override Task<ApplicationUser> FindByIdAsync(string userId, System.Threading.CancellationToken cancellationToken = default(System.Threading.CancellationToken))
        var user = await base.FindByIdAsync(userId);
        this.Context.Entry(user).Reference(u => u.Subjects).Load();
        return user;

gives an exception

EntityEntry<ApplicationUser> does not contain a definition for 'Reference'.

Where is this extension method defined in EF7?


There is no equivalent yet in EF7 as of beta7.

To include related entities, use eager loading with the .Include() method in your query.

context.User.Include(u => u.Subjects)

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