Due to this question I want to use class StringEscapeUntils in package org.apache.commons.lang3.

But when I try to import Apache lib by add line compile 'org.apache.commons:commons-collections4:4.0' to build.grade file then can not import the class above.

Is there any one can help me how to import above one to my project via gradle (not by download .jar and put them into project folder).

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Edited 07.12.2018:

I think dependency for StringUtils you are using is not proper.

Please add below dependency to gradle and Sync project and import your class.

implementation 'org.apache.commons:commons-lang3:3.6'

This on is using deprecated task (but should still works):

compile 'org.apache.commons:commons-lang3:3.5'


  • @Phan Dinh Thai : Always Welcome..!! – AndiGeeky Sep 29 '15 at 5:17
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    @IntelliJAmiya: Glad it helped you!! – AndiGeeky Oct 5 '16 at 4:28
  • org.apache.commons:commons-lang3:3.5 is out as of Oct 2016 – theczechsensation Nov 13 '16 at 7:34
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    Don't use this lib. By using this lib, While uploading apk to Google play store, It will show 0 supported devices. Instead use compile 'commons-lang:commons-lang:2.6'. it works. – vikoo Aug 7 '17 at 21:31
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    It has changed to org.apache.commons:commons-text:1.4 now – Gonzalingui Aug 8 at 14:56

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