Using XCode 6.3.1 , SDK 8.3

Suddenly my app stopped running in (any) simulator and Xcode throws error

The operation couldn’t be completed. (OSStatus error -600.)

Tried cleaning, reset content and setting and even restarting my Mac.

Is there anything I can do to run my app in simulator.


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Just quit your iOS Simulator then reopen the simulator then build your source Now it will work.

  • if you run on the simulator -> relaunch the simulator
  • if you run on real device -> reconnect the device

I encountered this issue on a 9.1 simulator. I was able to successfully run my app after doing a CLEAN, switching to an 8.4 simulator, compiling (successfully) and then switching back to 9.1 and running.


Solved it just by restarting the computer. Don't know what it means, but it can be fixed that way! Cheers


The error code says procNotFound. What helped me was simply to reset simulator content and settings, then close it and try to run the project again.


Some LSApplicationQueriesScheme do not work on Simulator. So run it on iPhone device. This worked for me.

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