I'm working on a Project where I capture a Video using OpenCv on a Raspberry Pi and Process it. What I want is to create an Output Stream of this Processed Video. I'm working together on this with a buddy of mine. He creates a Website/Web-server on the device which should be able to view the Stream I create. Is there any way openCV is able to create an Output Stream? I don't want to create a Video nor do i want to write single Frames as "Images" to the File-System because this is way to slow.


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In the End I figured out that OpenCV is not capable of creating an Output-Live Video Stream. Its only possible to render a Video to File.

Instead i created my own little Http Motion-JPEG Stream How to Create a HTTP MJPEG Streaming Server With QTcp-Server Sockets?

I also want to Mention that VLC provides a very powerful Backend / libs. C++ LibVLC Create Stream from Frames/Images

Another Soloution could be to use GStreamer if you are on Linux

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