How to mock the query, I want to test this in Nunit. Can someone help me with snippet?this is the exact Service.cs, I need to mockup and do an Nunit on the same.

internal class Sample : ISsample
  public sample( IRepository<ProductVariant> productVariantRepository, IRepository<Product> productRepository)

        _productVariantRepository = productVariantRepository;
        _productRepository = productRepository;
   public string getValueabc(int a, int b)
            vvar productVariantId =
                (from pv in _productVariantRepository.Table
                 join p in _productRepository.Table on pv.ProductId equals p.Id
                 where !p.Deleted && !pv.Deleted && p.Id == sku
                 orderby pv.Published descending
                 select pv.Id).FirstOrDefault();

            if (productVariantId == 0)
                throw new ErrorCodeException(CatalogErrorCode.ProductVariantNotFound);
           return "Hi";
  • What are your _VariantRepository and _productRepository? If they are repository interfaces, you can mock them. – Arghya C Sep 29 '15 at 23:00
  • hi @Arghya C, yes its an interface repository,updating the code – ravi Sep 29 '15 at 23:30

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