I am currently trying to add a custom data attribute to a Rails image_tag to allow my jQuery to function.

First, I am starting with an image_tag like so:

<%= image_tag("randomv1.png", class: "icon js-icon") %>

Second, for my jQuery, I need the image_tag to trigger an event, and I want it to include a data attribute like the one I am using for a button here:

<button class="icon js-icon" data-icon-text="Random">Icon graphic</button> 

Adding the class attribute is easy, but I will need the data-icon-text to function as an attribute too for the data to be displayed after a .hover.

Based on this previous question, I tried to modify the image_tag:

 <%= image_tag("randomv1.png", :class "icon js-icon" :data => { :icon-text => "Random" }) %>

Since this is delivering an error, can I create that custom attribute?


Try to do this:

You have to revised the class need =>. Then, you have to change :icon-text into string "icon-text".

<%= image_tag("randomv1.png", :class => "icon js-icon", :data => { "icon-text" => "Random" }) %>


<%= image_tag("randomv1.png", :class => "icon js-icon", "data-icon-text" => "Random") %>

I hope this help you

  • Checking this as the answer. Both examples you provided work, and the arrow was key to preventing an error. – darkginger Sep 30 '15 at 2:50

:icon-text is not a valid ruby name, just use :icon_text and rails will do the magic for you, also the arrow => is missed for class attribute

<%= image_tag("randomv1.png", :class => "icon js-icon" :data => { :icon_text => "Random" }) %>

You can also use the same format as your example:

<%= image_tag("randomv1.png", class: "icon js-icon" data: { icon_text: "Random" }) %>

Edit (Correction):

<%= image_tag("randomv1.png", class: "icon js-icon", data: { icon_text: "Random" }) %>

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