Is there an easy way to run a MySQL query from the PowerShell command line and output the results into a csv formatted file?

This question is the same as How to output MySQL query results in CSV format? except in Windows. I had to figure it out in PowerShell but my answer didn't belong on the linux question. So here's the Windows+PowerShell sibling.


Stan's answer from How to output MySQL query results in CSV format?, adapted for Windows PowerShell

mysql my_database_name -u root | Out-File .\my_output_file.csv

This gives me a mysql prompt, but without the usual mysql > at the start. I type:

source C:\Aboslute\Path\With Spac es\Without\Quotes\To\my_select_statement.sql

It gives an error message and exits if there is a problem with the command, or gives me the empty prompt if the command executed successfully. I type exit to finish up.

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