I have the following HTML code that I need to check if text exists within a table cell:

<div class="background-ljus" id="AutoText">
  <table class="topAlignedCellContent">

I have solved it like this:

By locator = getLocator(CommonConst.XPATH, "*//div[@" + type + "='" + anyName + "']");

  WebElement div = getDriver().findElement(locator);
  List<WebElement> cells = div.findElements(By.tagName("td"));
  for (WebElement cell : cells) {
    if (cell.getText().contains(cellText)) {
      foundit = true;

But i think its a bit slow because I need to do this several times. I tried to do this with only XPath but had no luck.

"*//div[@id='AutoText']//td[contains[Text(), 'celltext']]"
"*//div[@id='AutoText']//table//tbody//tr[td//Text()[contains[., 'celltext']]"

Anyone have a suggestion about why my XPath isn't working?

  • Check out the note I added to my answer, it points out an important caveat. – Tomalak Sep 30 '15 at 17:52


*//div[@id='AutoText']//td[contains[Text(), 'celltext']]
*//div[@id='AutoText']//table//tbody//tr[td//Text()[contains[., 'celltext']]

Correct (with shorter alternatives):

//div[@id='AutoText']//td[contains(text(), 'celltext')]
//div[@id='AutoText']//td[contains(., 'celltext')]

//div[@id='AutoText']/table/tbody/tr[td//text()[contains(., 'celltext')]
//div[@id='AutoText']/table/tbody/tr[td[contains(., 'celltext')]]
  • contains() is a function
  • text() needs to be lowercase
  • predicates can be nested
  • don't use // when you don't have to


. refers to "this node" and, when given as an argument to a string function such as contains(), is the equivalent of string(.). This, however, is not at all the same as text().

string(.) creates the concatenation of all text nodes inside the current node, no matter how deeply nested. text() is a node test and by default selects only the direct children.

In other words, if the current node was <td>foo <b>bar</b> baz</td>, contains(text(), 'bar') would actually be false. (So would contains(text(), 'baz'), for a different reason.)

contains(., 'bar') on the other hand would return true, so would contains(., 'baz').

Only when the current node contains nothing but a single text node, text() and . are equivalent. Most of the time, you will want to work with . instead of text(). Set up your predicates accordingly.


You can do it with dynamic xpath as well


Now just replace 1 with i and use for loop to see if the element return any value or not


Your xpath's are wrong. You should be using text() instead of Text(). Also contains() is a function with round braces and not square braces. Try this -

"//div[@id='AutoText']//td[contains(text(), 'celltext')]"
"//div[@id='AutoText']//td[contains(., 'celltext')]"

Or instead if you want all the child elements with the text to be displayed then use . instead of text()

Hope it helps.

  • Thanks "//div[@id='AutoText']//td[contains(., 'celltext')]" solved the problem – Calle Sep 30 '15 at 12:01
  • @Calle if it solved your problem, kindly mark it as answer so that others find it helpful. Thanks. – Girish Sortur Sep 30 '15 at 12:05

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