In web browsers you pass parameters to a website like


I have a shiny app and I would like to use the parameter passed in to the site in calculations as an input. So is it possible to do something like www.mysite.com/?parameter=1 and then use input!parameter?

Can you provide any sample code or links?

Thank you


You'd have to update the input yourself when the app initializes based on the URL. You would use the session$clientData$url_search variable to get the query parameters. Here's an example, you can easily expand this into your needs


  ui = fluidPage(
    textInput("text", "Text", "")
  server = function(input, output, session) {
      query <- parseQueryString(session$clientData$url_search)
      if (!is.null(query[['text']])) {
        updateTextInput(session, "text", value = query[['text']])
  • Is it possible to update the input directly on the app? I'm trying to but it automatically changes to the url value. Eg in url I choose text='abc' and then on the app I want to define text='def'. – hsilva Aug 31 '17 at 9:12
  • And how would you do this without having to put an input in the UI? People may not want the user messing with the values that were passed. – randy Aug 15 '18 at 0:08
  • The input is just a demonstration of what you can do with the parameter. It's absolutely not required – DeanAttali Sep 21 '18 at 23:51

Building off of daattali, this takes any number of inputs and does the assigning of values for you for a few different types of inputs:



textInput("symbol", "Symbol Entry", ""),

dateInput("date_start", h4("Start Date"), value = "2005-01-01" ,startview = "year"),

selectInput("period_select", label = h4("Frequency of Updates"),
            c("Monthly" = 1,
              "Quarterly" = 2,
              "Weekly" = 3,
              "Daily" = 4)),

sliderInput("smaLen", label = "SMA Len",min = 1, max = 200, value = 115),br(),

checkboxInput("usema", "Use MA", FALSE)



shinyServer(function(input, output,session) {
 query <- parseQueryString(session$clientData$url_search)

 for (i in 1:(length(reactiveValuesToList(input)))) {
  nameval = names(reactiveValuesToList(input)[i])
  valuetoupdate = query[[nameval]]

  if (!is.null(query[[nameval]])) {
    if (is.na(as.numeric(valuetoupdate))) {
      updateTextInput(session, nameval, value = valuetoupdate)
    else {
      updateTextInput(session, nameval, value = as.numeric(valuetoupdate))



Example URL to test:,AAA,CCC,DDD&date_start=2005-01-02&period_select=2&smaLen=153&usema=1

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